Lakshmi Sriraman

About Lakshmi

A Kentucky Crafted artist, Lakshmi Sriraman started painting two years age. She is a self taught artist whose work is inspired by Indian and Aboriginal artworks.

Lakshmi’s work always starts with an energetic intent that forms the foundation for her inspirations to flow through her brush and onto the canvas. This focus is joyfully expressed as she mixes her paints, asking the colors to work well with each other, to blend well and to create distinct boundaries where needed. Indeed, she actually sings to them, asking them to awaken as she puts a different intent into each color such as love, compassion, joy, laughter, and healing. These are consciously instilled to provide an energetic connection between her painting and the observer.

Artistic expression has been a lifelong passion for Lakshmi. She likes exploring different types of painting, ranging from detailed dot painting to elusive abstract work. Drawing from her classical dance background, Lakshmi seeks to create “movement” within the spiritually inspired images she crafts on canvas. By doing so, there is an energy instilled in her paintings that is very much alive, with the hope of inspiring her audience to discover and connect with their own creativity.

Lakshmi Sriraman was born in India. After completing her Masters in Mathematics, she immigrated to the U.S. to pursue higher studies. She graduated with a MBA from the University of Texas at El Paso.

After a decade of working as a Management Consultant, she took up the classical dance art form of Bharatanatyam as her chosen career. A multi-faceted artist, Lakshmi has created a niche for herself through her innovative and creative work in Indian classical dance. In addition to performing and choreographing, she also runs a dance school, Shree School of Dance, guiding her students through their personal journey with dance.

Lakshmi is also an internationally known Bharatanatyam performing artist recognized by the Kentucky Arts Council as the 'Featured Artist' for July/August 2018.

She lives in Lexington, Ky. with her husband, son and Fibo, a delightful havanese pup.

Artist Statement

When I see a blank canvas I see a space filled with possibilities, possibilities for life to express itself in a million ways. When I am struck by an imagery that I want to paint I seek out a canvas like a lotus does the Sun. A canvas to me is a fertile womb ready to give birth to life.

I love colors and the different painting traditions and techniques and the way they relate to and interact with each other. They dance, merging and blending, contrasting, holding many promises for me and the audience. There seems be a language of love that they communicate through. The contrasts in techniques also hold a certain amount of tension and harmony as they are juxtaposed on a canvas. My work is to seek the balance and expression in that context.

To me, the canvas is alive. It holds many layers. It holds my initial intent, my inspirations, and my creative ideas and takes on a form. Even after I have completed a painting, it keeps evolving, like a memory. It gets defined and refined as each person who gazes upon it adds their own imprint onto it. It carries many stories.

As a performing artist, I seek movement and tempo in my paintings, and as a painter, I seek to express colors, patterns and textures in my dance.

Ultimately I want my art to inspire my audience to re-engage with the world around them in life affirming ways.

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